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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is "Do Your Best" really the motto?

Because if it is, then assistant pack leader and den leader, I'm worried. We had den meetings last night for the Cubscout in my home. I was the one who went. It was mostly because I love my husband so I took one for the team. It was painful.

Our pack was assigned to make the centerpieces for the community banquet. Did our den leader have a cohesive plan? No. Did the other person in charge have a plan? No. Did they have a bunch of random supplies? Yes. I mean really I'm all for creativity but how in the world are they going to use 24 ink pens and Styrofoam balls to make a centerpiece. I'm good, but I'm no Vern Yip (for you HGTV watchers) nor MacGyver when it comes to making things. I tried very hard not to get the look on my face that says, "You're an idiot." Not so sure I was successful.

Then, THEN...they could not, would not (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss) make a decision about what it should look like. Meanwhile, the Scouts are losing it. The siblings of the scouts are EVERYWHERE. I'm about to pull out my teacher voice on everyone in the room. Finally I said, "Here's the plan. You do this, you do this, you do this...and so on." Everyone listened (reluctantly on the part of some people, but she didn't say anything aloud after I gave her a "Save it Sister" glance), and they did what I said, and our centerpiece looks great. You know, for something that I pulled out of my hat using popsicle sticks, construction paper, a pot and markers.

I think I deserve a badge.

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