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Monday, February 8, 2010

That ice cube thing really does work!

It is an old teachers' tale that if one flushes an ice cube at night, the following day will be a snow day. I'm guessing that this only actually works in conjunction with a snow forecast, but I haven't tried it when the forecast is in the 50's with sunshine. So, last night right after the barbecued beef sandwiches and the Who, I ran into the kitchen to grab a cube. My DH caught me just as I stepped into the hall headed to the bathroom.

DH: What are you doing with an ice cube in the hall?
Me: Ummm, getting ready to flush it.
DH: ????
Me: If I flush it, tomorrow will be a snow day and you won't have to worry about me driving on the icy roads. (I tried very hard not to sound condescending because it's not common knowledge, plus he hates it when I go all teacher on him)
DH: You really are a slacker.
Me: I'm doing it for other people, too. Not just my own selfish purposes.
DH: Right, right, you are a true Slacker.
Me: If you'll excuse me, my fingers are cold and this thing is dripping.
DH: Go ahead. Slacker.
Me: Flush.
DH: I hope that works out for you, slacker.

Flash-forward to 5:37 a.m. I checked the clock. Ring ring (my home phone). I spring out of bed and run to the phone in record time. I think I even answered it on the first ring. It is Ms. Third grade telling me we don't have school. IT WORKED!!!! I totally wasn't expecting it, but IT WORKED! I call Creative Genius to let her know the news, and prance back to bed. Just as my head falls to my pillow I say to DH, "I may be a slacker after all."


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