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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh weather, why do you hate me?

As my faithful reader (thanks Mom) already knows, we had snow, followed by snow, followed by frigid temperatures here in the middle of the country. That only spells one thing for my friends. You know it...indoor recess. I don't mind having recess duty. Really, I mean it. I love fresh air. I love being outside. I do not love, however, being stuck in my classroom with 48 small people trying to entertain themselves with my small collection of games and scratch paper. Kids need to be outside.

On that note here is my list of: Top 5 Bad Indoor Recess Ideas
1. Running with scissors relay race
2. Half hour of Quaker's Meeting game
3. Really hard word charades
4. Arm wrestling tournament
5. Writing the sentence, "When the snow melts, we will play outside." over and over and over

It is supposed to be in the upper thirties later this week, so who knows if we will get to go out. But, we can hope.


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