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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stay of execution

My husband answers the phone on the second ring. I am sitting across the living room holding my breath. I hear the distinctive voice of Ms. Third grade teacher (the one who is right before me on the calling tree). I can barely contain myself as he hands me the phone, "Talk to me Ms. Third," I say. She tells me the news...wait for it...LATE START! This means, I get to sleep in because I don't have to be in my classroom until 9:45. Didn't I just post how great that would be? Do I have more influence than I think? Then I call Creative Genius (aka rockstar across the hall). She asks for the "good news". I tell her and we laugh. I know my husband thinks I'm a total loon. This much joy and happiness for two extra hours. I know those who don't teach don't get it. I, like many of my supercolleagues did not darken the door of my classroom for any part of break. To me, going in on vacation is like taking your laptop to the beach. I did some work from home, but not nearly enough to bring my A game tomorrow. So this little late start is EXACTLY what I needed/prayed for.

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