Quarters in the Jar

To snark, it will cost you a quarter...unless it's true.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things to do last night

1. Lose house/truck keys (check)

2. Burn dinner a little (check)

3. Poke finger multiple times with sewing needle while furiously putting Cubscout patches on uniform only to find it wasn't necessary to wear it to the graduation picnic (check)

4. Break #1 Rule for life (check)

What is my number one (and much more logical than "never pass up a free pen") rule? Always, always, ALWAYS save things if they are remotely important. Like this blog for example. It's important to me. So last night when I got all crazy and tried to change the whole entire font by editing the HTML, I did not save it before I started. The next thing I knew was that all my post titles had vanished. The old code was gone because I had deleted it. I didn't know how to get it back (it was probably some easy step and I didn't need to stress). Thankfully, because I only halfway know what I'm doing, Blogger auto archives, and I was able to reload my page. But now, as you can see it is waaaay boring, and not my style at all (I do so love the theater). I can not change it. I have tried, and it won't let me. So, all future posts will be at the following address:


So, lesson learned. Again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brought down the hammer, did you?

That's what my DH said when I told him about my day. The actual conversation went a little something like this...

DH: How was your day?
Me: I think my principal and the Behavior Interventionist might have black listed me today.
DH: Reeeeally. Why do you think that?
Me: Oh, well...some of the choices that were made by students warranted a trip up the hall.
DH: How many?
Me: 6
DH: WHAT? Is that like some sort of record?
Me: I think so.
DH: Well you know what I always say...
Me: Do it once do it right?
DH: No
Me: 12 hours bottle to throttle?
DH: No
Me: Then I don't know, you have a lot of sayings. My mind hurts so you might have to give me a pass and just tell it.
DH: Go big or go home.
DH: And you did.
Me: And I did.