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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Must resist mulch pile...

So yesterday it was "Maintenance does all the things we have been wanting (begging to be) done around the school since...oh I don't know September Day." Exhibit A is that no one will need a front end alignment nor extra bucks to pay the tow truck after traveling to the parking lot I refer to as, "A River Runs Through It." You see it had become gravel in name only and it had so many potholes that even I (with the big Avalanche) was questioning the wisdom of parking back there. So problem #1 SOLVED (without even calling the Fox Problem Solvers, mind you).

The other thing was that they started to fix the mulch on the playground. It has been in sorry shape since day one. As in, "Sorry friends we can't play on the equipment because it rained last week and the mulch/mud still isn't dry. Sorry." Which leads me to today's story. Mulch mountain was delivered yesterday shortly before our recess time. As I was headed to the playground I was all like, "Huh?" Then I realized what the ginormous haystack looking thing was. "It's MULCH! Sweet!" I thought. However, my mood was dampened by the absence of anyone spreading it and the impossible task of keeping 100 children away from something new that looks so fun to climb on. Several whistle blows and crazy eyes later...the would be landscapers were sufficiently scared away from the mulch for the remainder of recess.

So, much to my chagrin, when I went to morning duty Mulch Mountain was still the same size, and in the same place. Instead of chasing away 100...it would everyone in our school (except the frequent latecomers, of course). Even though it was there most of the day yesterday and I'm sure all the teachers explained its purpose, my young friends still asked about it...a lot. Around the fiftieth time I was asked, I started making up answers. I believe I told more than one that the maintenance men were planning to completely cover the equipment so we could no longer play on it. And guess what? They believed me and with sad faces asked, "Why?" So of course I told them I was just kidding and that maintenance was making our playground safer...no worries.

Mother of Pearl I need to work on that pesky inferring some more.

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At April 14, 2010 at 2:16 PM , Anonymous Teacher from the Ghetto said...

They remulched (if that is a word) our play "square" today. I thought of you!


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