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Friday, March 12, 2010

Activate the Plan!

For the last few days, I have noticed that my preschool daughter has become increasingly snarfley*. This is our fourth round. Someone (probably me) sneezed in her general direction. Yesterday, she started the coughing. I sent her to school with strict instructions to blow her nose when she started coughing and to make sure she drank a lot of water. When I picked her up she was coughing even more than in the morning. The afterschool program lady made sure to tell me that she was coughing a lot. Apparently it was not enough to call me to come and get her. However it WAS still enough for afterschool lady to make it a point to pull me aside and tell me about it with a raised eyebrow (you know the one your mother uses on you).

When we got home, I gave her some honey elixir and a drink. Her seal impersonation continued into dinnertime. My DH looked at me and said the fateful words, "She can't go to school tomorrow." Insert alarm sounds here. In my mind I'm all like, "Man your stations we are at DEF CON 1!!!" Instead I said, "I agree."

The plan for who stays home is quite elaborate. First, I asked DH if he had any appointments during the day. He said no but his rotation for call-out started at midnight. The next step is my mom** (love ya!). I had already talked to her and she was hanging with my nephews for early out. Then comes me. I called my really great principal (or RGP from now on, and I promise I'm not saying this sarcastically) to ask for a sub. I already had one for the afternoon because I was going on my daughter's field trip (she cried big boohoo tears when she learned she couldn't go), but now I needed one for the morning, too. I had to leave a message on her really echoey answering machine. Then, the waiting game began, and I set out to find some review work online (superteacherworksheets.com is AWESOME).

Not too long later, RGP called me back and gave me the news that while I did have a sub for the afternoon, she wasn't sure if I would have one for the morning. Yikes. My actual friends were going to be so mad at me when they each got eight from my class.

The good news is, that when I came in to leave my sub plans/assignments (consisting of roughly 10,000 worksheets...because you know what they say about idle hands) my afternoon sub was there and was just going to do the whole day for me. Yay! The bad news? We didn't get to go rollerskating and we're out of Kleenex.

*made up word
**eliminated from continuum if there is need for a "burp bowl"

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