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Saturday, February 13, 2010

11 down 19 to go!

Nineteen more Valentine parties, or fewer if I take early retirement or am fired...whatever. Class parties can be great, but it is always with a sense of dread that I face them. It's like a root canal. The words are very scary and you get all nervous building it up in your mind, but then it's not the worst thing ever. Then you realize you got all worked up for nothing. But, man are you tired when you get home.

Class parties are the same. The potential for disaster is always there. All day long your friends wait, and ask, "When is the party again?" even though a smart teacher puts it on the whiteboard for all to see because no one wants to say "2:15" a gazillion times. By 1:30 the room is literally vibrating with excitement. I think if you went outside my school yesterday it would have been visibly shaking.

Finally at 2:00 (white flag in hand) we started the party. Valentines were passed. Snacks were approved for allergy sufferers. Games were played and crafts were made. Students were reminded, unsuccessfully, not to eat all their candy (my first grade son was JACKED UP when he got in the car causing Milkshake Friday to be postponed).

And then it was over. We packed our bags and left. Every teacher I encountered in the hall had the same dazed expression. But, we made it all in one piece. Just to do it again next year. Can't wait.

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