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Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Rantastic!

AKA Mama Don't Play. Well, as you have read, my friends (using the term loosely these days) are a hot mess of misbehavior. Last week is something I can only refer to as a trainwreck. So Friday I brought my Viola Swamp persona and let them experience that. They didn't like it so much. Even Mr. Too Skinny for His Pants asked if I was ok, or not. So in honor of my new leaf of reining these people back in, I declared it Mama Don't Play Monday (alliteration and rhyme...look out Poetry Month). What happens on MDPM, you ask? Let me just tell you...

Every student got a calendar. They got one warning, and then I would write the behavior in the datebox. After that...Think Sheet...YIKES. At the end of the day I put smileys on those with no writing. NO ONE wants writing on their calendar. NO ONE. I know I wouldn't. Especially seeing as your parents must initial it each night. There is no hiding until Friday progress reports. This worked like a dream.

In other news...my tile is finished and I plan to begin the 27 loads of laundry that have amassed themselves in the corner of my bedroom. They won't go down easy, I'm sure. Baby steps.


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