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Monday, January 25, 2010

Are they dry, yet?

Well...the awesomeness that is a home renovation continues on into its second full week. That being said, I had to go to the laundromat yesterday. Yuck. When I first got out of the truck, the fact that there were NO OTHER PEOPLE at the laundry should have alarmed me. The laundries in our neighboring town were packed. "That's odd," is what I thought. Who am I to listen to anyone? Including, but not limited to, my inner voice. So, I dragged my eight baskets of clothing into the laundry (Hey, a family of four wears a lot over the course of nine days). I got my change...15 dollars should do it, right?, and jumped in.

After I started the NINE washers, I settled in with my Glamour. I told you all I would do some trashy reading whilst the wash was going. Before I knew it, all the washers were finished. Now that I think about it, I really am starting to question the cleanliness of my clothes because I'm almost pretty sure that my washer in the kitchen takes a little longer on the wash cycle. Hmmm.

Then it was on to the dryers. Oh, the dryers. My, my, my. Where to begin? Let me start with how I put money into dryer #7, and all it did was rattle. There was no sign indicating it was out of order. Then I, after fiddling with the machine a bit (no one likes to be beaten by a dryer for goodness sake), got a wee bit smarter. Put only one quarter in until it starts, then and only then add money. Which leads me to the question just how many quarters does it take to dry my sweaters? Let me tell you, I was dropping quarters in the dryers like a senior citizen playing the slots after "eating their money's worth" at Harrah's buffet. Let me also tell you...$15 does not get your clothes dry. Nor does $18. But, it does get them dry enough to take home after you look at the clock and realize there are two hours of your life you can't get back, and you don't want to lose any more.

The good news in all of this is that I probably won't have to go to the laundry next week because ALL of the tile are put down. We might grout tonight or DH can do it without me tomorrow. Reason 5,000 I love training at night. This will put the washer/dryer back around Thursday. Yay! Who knew I would get so excited to do laundry?

Oh, and by the way...dryer 7? I told a nice old lady who came in as I was leaving not to use it, and get this. She said, "Oh, that one has been out of order for months!"


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