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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I guess she liked my dance moves

Ok, as an elementary teacher, I know that February is the time when we start to look at seed catalogs (or at least I do, but I'm not planting any cucumbers this year because we still have about eight jars of pickles...we won't be hurting for dill in the apocalypse, right Reading Goddess?), no one wants to be inside because we have exhausted the "fun" that is the teacher's cabinet of Uno, Jenga and the like, and last but not least, love begins to blossom in the classroom. I like to blame the beginnings of love on all those conversation heart messages that are constantly in your face at Wal-Mart. I would be flattered if I was seven and someone wrote URAQT to me. It gets the kids to thinking...hmmm...."How can I push my teacher right on over the edge? Clearly talking constantly hasn't worked yet."

Which brings me to the point. Last night, my first grade son declared his undying love for another first grade girl. Irrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk (brakes slamming in case you couldn't tell). This is how it went. He said, "Little girl broke up with little boy in my class, and now she's my girlfriend. I think I love her." I tried my best not laugh/cry and asked, "Well, that's nice, how did it happen?" He told me a tale of being partnered with her in music for their dancing unit and it went from there. I know three things. First, I wasn't ready for this. He has liked other girls before. But, not in a 'have a first grade romance' way. Second, it's not February, yet, so he is getting an early start on the lovefest that is a classroom at Valentine's. Last, his teacher is going to kill me.


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