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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too many sweets will spoil your dinner

The dinner of course being the learning that has to happen before any of my friends can even think about Third Grade. The sweets would be our third straight day of late start tomorrow. I came home so tired today because I crammed seven hours of learning into just five. Rock star, I know, but it has to be done.

Even though there was a significant amount of cramming, finger snapping, and utterances of, "Chop, chop." from me, something had to give. Sorry science, you got the boot today. My good friend who I will lovingly refer to as Ms. Kite (because teaching with her is like teaching with one) barely ever touched science or social studies and yet, around 75% of her class performs proficient or advanced on the state assessment. So...needless to say, I don't have feelings of guilt about skipping content every now and then.

Aside from the curriculum expectations, the end of the quarter is quickly approaching. There are checklists to check. Assessments to give. Benchmark books to hear read. AAAAAAAAAH! The only shiny moment of this assessorama (sounds like a sale on purses and belts, doesn't it?) came when the Reading Goddess said we didn't have to do the 5 billion sight word list this quarter.

So...for tomorrow, I will continue to push as hard as possible to get the job done. Maybe, just maybe the weather will turn, and we can get back to our balanced diet of seven hour days with a teeny tiny amount of wiggle room.


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