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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lukewarm Turkey

I have never liked the taste of water. I know water doesn't taste. But, I grew up in a college town where students buy bottled water by the gallon, just to avoid drinking from the tap. So, yeah it does taste, and it's bad. Currently, I have well water which in most cases doesn't taste or even tastes sweet. Not our water. My dad won't even drink it because he thinks it smells like eggs. I just don't care for it. So, all this time (my whole adult life) I have consumed Diet Coke like it was water. Not exactly the picture of good nutrition.

Apparently, this causes the breakdown of tooth enamel which in turn causes cavities. Which in turn cost extra money. This leads me to my declaration. I am going to cut my soda consumption to once a week. Notice I didn't say caffeine (I don't know if I could function without it, and I don't think my students want to be the ones who find out if I can). No more trips to the pop machine on plan...no more Diet Coke and air lunches...no more. I'll be crabby at first, but in the long run dentures are hard to maintain, and I'm pretty sure toothless would not be a good look on me.


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