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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trapdoor Dreams

Do you ever wish that there was a button you could push and whatever was bothering you just fell through the floor? Like when you were in college and that annoying non-traditional student asked soooooooooo many questions that everyone openly sighed and rolled their eyes whenever said student raised his/her hand. Wouldn't it have been super if you could have just pressed a button and down they went? Gone. Not harmed, but gone nonetheless. There are a great many things in my life that I could just trapdoor. I will narrow it down to
1. Broken Coke/extortionist machines. First it is broken, now it costs $.75 for a can. A CAN! It's not liquor for crying out loud. Good thing I have cut back because, seriously I can't afford that kind of cash.
2. Copy center mistakes. For the love where are my copies? At least my students are happy because there is no morning work.
3. Snow covered playgrounds that cause classroom fever/general wonkiness. Just one day outside is all I ask. It was so cold last time we were out, but we went out anyway Just. Because. We. Could.
4. Classroom romance. Of course, I was a total boy-crazy nerd when I was in school. I even gave my kindergarten boyfriend extra Juicy Fruit in his Valentine. I think it was after the gum that he kissed me behind the art easel. So now the very same nightmares I caused my teachers are mine. Sorry Mrs. T. it wasn't anything personal.
5. Anyone doing an Eeyore impersonation. Laugh a little.

So if you see me inadvertently tap the table...I am dreaming of sending something down the chute.


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