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Friday, April 23, 2010

Links in a food chain

It all started on Wednesday night when my supercolleagues and I drove 2 hours both ways to the visitation for the father of our team member. On the way back we were just a little bit slap happy (okay, a lot slap happy). Eight hours of teaching followed by a long car trip will do that to a girl. The driver on our trip was a former teacher at my school who has since moved to the place where there is one prep a day (cheater Jr. High teachers). We told her about our field trip to the nature center on the following day and she asked which presentation we would be seeing. "Food Chains." we all said in unison (insert Debbie Downer music here). The JH teacher then recited the following poem to us: There once was a flower that grew on the plain. Where the sun helped it grow, and so did the rain-- Links in a food chain.
There once was a bug who nibbled on flowers, Nibbled on flowers for hours and hours! The bug ate the flower that grew on the plain, Where the sun helped it grow, and so did the rain-- Links in a food chain.

She did the whole poem in the car (using her very best sing-songy voice), and by the time she got to the fox who ate the snake, who ate the bird who ate the bugs who nibbled on flowers who grew on the plain, we were hysterical. As in "Thank you God that I didn't drink my whole ice water at the restaurant hysterical."

I didn't really get why we were laughing. It did seem funny that our driver, a junior high teacher, could tell us a poem from memory. Plus, everything seems funnier when you are tired.
Apparently, she could tell us the poem because the presentation uses it every. single. time. Evidenced by my supercolleagues faces when the naturalist had us all join arms and say, "Links in a food chain."

On the way home, I lamented that a glass of celebratory wine (100 kids on a trip 1 hour away, and no catastrophes) might be nice to which my supercolleagues replied, "Sun to grapes, grapes to us...Links in a food chain." That's right.


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