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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm almost positive...

Teacher Appreciation Week was not even marked on their calendar. However, the USPS did recognize it today. YAY! I can almost see your questioning glances in my direction. It happens to me a lot, so I'm familiar with the, "I don't follow" look that goes with the smiling head nod.

So here's the thing about me...I love, love, love free stuff. Ask anyone who has gone with me to the State Fair, home show, or any other location with booths and free pens. My sack will be packed with stuff before the day is through. This interest (my DH calls it a problem) in all things free leads me to three main couponing/sample sites each day to check out the deals. They also help me stick it to Walmart (also another "problem").

So a few weeks ago, one of the sites was promoting the Sample Showcase from the post office. As I signed up, I thought, "Hmm sounds like some spam I'm willing to filter, and it could turn out well." Today, I got home to be greeted by a rather large box with Sample Showcase printed on it. When I opened it, I found eight different things inside, including a Dove Bliss Bar. This is how I know I'm a nerd about these things. I immediately called my sister to tell her my good fortune. Some companies sent me free stuff that included chocolate, and I turn into a goofy bragger.

So, thank you to the United States Postal Service. I know you didn't know that I'm a teacher, but I did feel appreciated all the same.

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