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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brought down the hammer, did you?

That's what my DH said when I told him about my day. The actual conversation went a little something like this...

DH: How was your day?
Me: I think my principal and the Behavior Interventionist might have black listed me today.
DH: Reeeeally. Why do you think that?
Me: Oh, well...some of the choices that were made by students warranted a trip up the hall.
DH: How many?
Me: 6
DH: WHAT? Is that like some sort of record?
Me: I think so.
DH: Well you know what I always say...
Me: Do it once do it right?
DH: No
Me: 12 hours bottle to throttle?
DH: No
Me: Then I don't know, you have a lot of sayings. My mind hurts so you might have to give me a pass and just tell it.
DH: Go big or go home.
DH: And you did.
Me: And I did.


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